I Want to Write a Book But


Have you ever thought about writing a book?

If you are like most people I’ve talked to, the thought has crossed your mind now and then!

To that I say: How exciting!

Values to Writing a Book

There are so many reasons to write a book!

Here are just a few …

                         *  Obviously, the best reason is to share your ideas and experiences! It’s great to share and inspire … and change the world with your words!

                         *  Another great reason is because as the generations of the past move farther away, they can be forgotten forever.  Few of us remember our great great grandparents. So we probably won’t be sharing any of their history with our own children or their kids. 

                         * Writing a family history, for example, can be very useful in many ways!

      • For one thing, it is fun!
      • For another, it can bring families together!

A family history can keep the past generations in the future generations’ memories! And how valuable it is for the future to know where they came from? — Very! 

As I like to share: Knowing where we came from helps us to appreciate and embrace our future! It gives us a place to start from. 

The future, by knowing the past, can know what blood pulses through their own veins! They can know the strength they have … have a foundation to work from! And having a foundation can be so valuable! 

Share your story with future generationsKeeping the past alive for future generations can include … stories of overcoming … of moving through hardships … of values and legacies …

It can be as simple as sharing a recipe that otherwise would be lost if not written down … of telling a bit about where you are from … maybe something that will inspire, teach, and change the lives of the family members! 

Another reason is to share a good or bad experience. Chances are that someone else may have or will experience it too and your words could help get them through!

It could be about an idea you had used in your business that worked really well! And by sharing it, you are moving the idea forward … to help others improve faster but also, to have the idea built upon to keep improving on it! 

It could be to share information … to help sell your product … to provide value to potential customers …  (Click here to see more suggestions for business owners!)

It could be to share an interest or hobby with pictures and techniques …

share your story with the worldHonestly, there are as many reasons to write a book as there are people who want to write them! 

This website is here for you … to help you to write that story! It’s here to support and encourage you! To answer some questions … to help you to move through the process with the ultimate goal of starting … continuing … and ultimately completing your book project!

Enjoy the journey!